Spiritual tantra and prostate massage.

Lotus Tantric Massage is the home of Sartoo a tantric practitioner who particularly focuses on prostate massage. You can read about what is on offer on her website.

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PHONE:  +44 (0)7883 864 320

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Had a unique experience with Sartoo. She is very much into the spiritual side of things. She recommends making a 90 minute booking, the first 30 minutes was just talking before the massage started which I was a little bit annoyed with as I just came for a massage and not a session with a psychologist. It did feel great when she massaged my prostate, she is obviously very skillful at this, however she said I was not allowed to ejaculate which again I was left a bit annoyed with.

Perhaps I should of done my research better before making a booking but I also feel she should make it clearer on her website exactly what to expect from the session. Despite my negative comments she is skilled at what she does and does seem a nice person, but I would recommend asking lots of questions on the phone before making a booking to find out if this is exactly what you are seeking. - Ren, March 2014