An expert tantra masseuse and teacher.

Serena is a very attractive and experienced independent masseuse who offers an array of sensual massage treatments from her studio in Marylebone, Central London. Please see her site for more details. If you have had a great massage experience with Serena then feel free leave your review or comments below.

PHONE:  +44 (0)753 926 3966


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I have now had the pleasure of visiting the lovely Serena twice. I am no massage connoisseur but I know what I like. Serena made it her pleasure to find out what I like, and to make sure she provided an experience worth remembering on both occasions.

Serena truly does live up to her name - she's a warm person, very intelligent and can hold her own in conversing on the ways of the world, work, personality traits or whatever other subject may arise. The time I've been lucky to spend in the company of this beautiful lady was simply serene, calm and relaxing whilst simultaneously being exciting. breathtaking and at times, intense!

It's quite a skill make someone feel all that within the limited window of a 2 hour massage, but Serena has mastered the technique of taking your mind and body on a journey where your thoughts (and muscle pains!) melt away... She really does take the time not only to cater the session to you as an individual, but she caters it to the person you are on the day and time you are lucky enough to meet her.

Both of my experiences with her had different elements, reflective of the natural direction the session takes. As Serena states, each massage she gives is like a work of art - I agree with her, she treats your body like a blank canvas and uses her excellent touch to find out what you're in need of on the day - then expertly brings it to you!

Both times I've seen her I've come away feeling the weight off my shoulders and relaxed for the remainder of the day. I have no hesitation in recommending an experience with this beautiful (inside and out) lady, I'll certainly be back for more! xxx - Raj, August 2016

I had a wonderful sensual massage with Serena. She is a really friendly and attractive person, who knows how to give a fantastic massage experience. She uses certain techniques in her massage which I have not had done on me before, which really heightened the senses. I would recommend Serena to anyone who is wanting a genuinely high quality sensual massage by some one who knows what they are doing. - J, July 2016

Paradise, Nirvana and Heaven are for the hereafter, but if you want to sample such a place here on earth, you have to take your body to see Serena and Yulia. You will experience sensations and a closeness that cannot be adequately described in words alone. You have to feel it because of the intensity of the experience. You will find yourself in a place where sensuality and imagination naturally merge. Intimate, enticing, relaxing and pleasurable. A rare treat in a busy, loud, and demanding world. Let yourself relax and learn again to feel being YOU. Serena, magically assisted by Yulia will restore the real vibrant, energetic YOU but first you have to be able to let go. Out of sensuality and imagination these two ladies will re invigorate you and bring out the real you as nature intended. Very highly recommended by a long standing client of Serena. - Sexpert, June 2016

I have experienced a number of massages from Serena and can say I have never been to a better practitioner. In the past I have experienced other masseuses who claim to give great tantric and sensual massages but they don’t hold a candle on Serena. She has a fantastic touch, which she uses elegantly and has a lovely personality to match. I would prefer not to go into the specifics of the massage but all I will conclude by saying If I could go more often I would as she is simply the best. - Baz Shaw, April 2016

Have been seeing Serena for a very long time now,there's something about her that you keep wanting to see her again and again.From the moment you walk in the door you feel so comfortable for some reason that's hard to explain,and the way she sets the mood and make you feel comfortable is unreal.Have always felt tremendously good after seeing her.Had a 4 hand session recently that was another level, Julia compliments Serena really well and the way Serena guides her is brilliant. - M.I.I, April 2016

I had an incredible experience with Serena. And like many amazing things in life it is difficult to express in words. She has such a kind soul, a perfect body, soothing touch like it's from the heavens... Having had many tantric massages from different therapists I can say that she is at the top of my unforgettable sensual experiences. - Dreamer, February 2016