My name is Maya and I'm a Danish lady performing glorious and juicy massage services.

I genuinely love what I do and I'v got a flow that makes every stroke feel endless and with years of practise I know every little hidden sacred spot there is.

I stand out from the rest because this is what I love to do and I continued to practise massage addictively after I first got into it years ago as a trainee in a upmarket spa. I then saw 'the other side' of the massage world, tantra, which I then very fast became my special and secret journey.

I'm a luxurious and stylish masseuse in my early 30's. I look stunning, got an amazing body and I love taking care of myself and my clients. I am available every second month for a month at the time as then I go back to Denmark where I now live.

If you are looking for a professional and breathtaking massage above the average London style which unfortunately now has loads of 'massage' girls available which have never performed a massage in their life! lol then I'm your girl. Call for a chat or text/whatsapp is also fine!

1 hour tantric/sensual/erotic/body to body/aqua-nuru - £120 per hour

90 min - £180

PHONE:  +44 (0)7453 053781