There is a massive gulf in difference between a lame rub and tug ending and a truly happy ending which will send you into an orgasmic galaxy far far away. 

Why not try a fantasy foot fetish massage? It feels great and it is a lot of fun too.

You can awaken this stored energy through yoga, meditation as well as massage. There are a few goddesses in London that offer a kundalini massage. 

Having a nice lady rub you down with warm sensual oils, while relaxing music plays gently in the background and exotic incense smoke fills the air. 

According the ancient Indian philosophy of tantra and the Chinese philosophy of Qi, the male testicles is where the power of the male is stored. 

As with most sensual sessions the main focus will drift towards the genitalia, in this case being the female vagina, which is also sometimes called a yoni massage. 

Being naked with another person you find attractive is a lot of fun. This is this essence of a naturist massage.

By using certain meditative breathing techniques you can prolong your orgasm. Check out these tips to see how to do it.