Kundalini massage

If you are interested in tantra, meditation, yoga or eastern philosophy, you may have come across the word kundalini.

It can be a difficult subject to understand. To put it in very simple terms the kundalini is an area of energy stored within the lower part of the spine. You can awaken this stored energy through yoga, meditation as well as massage.

This is a key part of an authentic tantric massage in London and there are a few goddesses in London that offer a kundalini massage.

To tap into this energy you have to move the kundalini from the base of your spine all the way to your chakra which is located at the top of the head.

Many people who have achieved this say it's like a electrical current running through your spine and sending you into moments of bliss.

Yoga and meditation seem to be the main ways to do this but it can sometimes be completed through massage and sex. So finding a masseuse goddess who can teach and help you do this is key.

If you get it right it can be an excellent way of progressing spiritually as a human.