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A body to body massage in London is a sensual experience that involves a combination of intimate touching and caressing techniques that are applied all over the body. This sensuous massage arouses the skin, stimulates sensitive nerve endings and heightens orgasmic pleasure.

Mutual erotic body to body touch produces a pleasurable emotional and physical sensation that cannot be received from anything else. There are plenty of health benefits to enjoy too.

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Updated July 2024

What happens in a b2b massage?

Often referred to as sensual or erotic massage, body to body massage features sensuous gliding action, and direct contact between the receiver and the masseuse. Proximity and intimacy is increased to heighten the eroticism of the massage experience.

The body on body massage in London is characterised by slow and deep strokes that are combined with soft and gentle touches and full body gliding caresses.

The massage is also interactive, which means that mutual sensuous exploration is encouraged.

The body boosting health benefits

Body to body massage can help to release muscle tension, alleviate headaches, aches and pains, minimise stress and anxiety, reduce high blood pressure and improve the circulation of blood.

The deeply relaxing massage can also help to improve the quality of sleep, and enhance orgasm potency and frequency.
Surprisingly a growing number of people in today’s society are touch deprived.

Lack of physical contact is also prevalent among many cultures. Regular healthy touching helps to minimise issues relating to bonding, trust, safety and intimacy.

Direct skin on skin contact floods the body with Oxycontin and endorphin’s that enhance emotional well-being. Soothing touch boosts blood sugar levels, regulates breathing, increases immune function and generally makes you feel happier.

Intimate touch is proven to also improve confidence, and helps to lower the risk of depression.


As with all forms of massage treatment, before your b2b massage in London begins, it is standard hygiene practice to take a shower.

Sensual expectations

An experienced masseuse knows how to alternate her touch so that you experience gentle rhythmic relaxation one minute, and stimulating arousal the next.

During an erotic body to body massage every part of the receiver’s body is stroked by the attentive masseuse’s hands.

She will also use her oiled forearms, hips, feet and breasts to stimulate and arouse sensitive areas of the body.

Unlike other kinds of therapeutic massage, the touching and stroking of the genitals and breasts is also included during in a London body to body massage.

Your trained masseuse will expertly use her naked body to caress and stimulate your mind and entire body.

As the receiver, you can relax and enjoy the pleasurable attention, and the erotic feel of her body gliding sensually on top of yours.

The chest, belly, thighs, legs, buttocks, arms and hands will be massaged before touch is moved directly to the genitals.

You will become conscious of your sensual energy during the shared, tantalising body on body experience.

Lingam and yoni massage usually results in an intense and pleasurable orgasm.

Stimulating the entire body in this way ensures that peak sexual energy isn’t confined solely to the genital area.