Sacred lingam massage (and where to find one in London)

The best therapists will spend the last 20 minutes massaging your lingam

Lingam essentially means massaging of the penis and testicles. For the large majority of receivers this is their favourite part of a tantric massage session. Lingam is Sanskrit for penis and is where much of the male energy is based. 

By skilfully stimulating the shaft, tantric masseuses can produce an intense orgasm. Many say they find this better than what they experience in a full sexual encounter.

This is not just a quick rub and tug. This is a lady knowing exactly how and where to touch, how much pressure to use and when to hold back and start again. Each time they do this the sensations grow more powerful.

Some receivers may chose at a certain point to cum, others who have trained themselves, can produce an intense orgasm without cumming.

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Where to go, who to visit

There are plenty of providers located in London who offer lingam massage. We have compiled a list of all the best and most professional services below. 

This list is updated every month so keep checking back to view the new providers.

Updated July 2024

Discover the joys of this session

Many people experience lingam massage while on holiday in cities across the world such as Prague or Bangkok. Others may first find out about it via erotic massage videos.

Many get recommended to experience this therapy from friends. However you end up finding out about erotic lingam massage, the key thing is to experience it, and once you do your life will never be the same again. 

Laying back and relaxing, while a trained sensual masseuse gives your whole body a stimulating massage, is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

What to expect in a lingam massage session

Essentially a lingam massage in London is where the masseuse or masseur will massage your whole body and manipulate the erogenous zones of your body. She will then focus solely on the lingam.

This of course normally results in a powerful orgasm, although it does not always have to. Many people will choose not to orgasm if they can.

Lingam massage involves sensual massaging of the male penis. This will happen in a wide variety of niche sensual massages including tantric, body to body, nuru, prostate and others.

Independent or agency?

If you have not tried a lingam massage in London, or anywhere else, then we one hundred percent suggest you do so now. You need to see what all the fuss is about. We very much doubt you will end up regretting it.

Many of the sensual masseuses in London either work for agencies or as independents.

There is no obvious difference between booking from an agency or direct with an independent masseuse. Apart from dealing with an agency you will get to speak with a receptionist. 

They can answer many of your questions and recommend a massage therapist who will suit your precise needs.

On the other hand dealing with an independent masseuse provides you with direct contact with the masseuse. Before making a booking with her you can find out all the facts you need. 

Best city in the world to try lingam massage

London does not have brothels like Amsterdam, Bangkok or Sydney. Instead you will find many masseuses operating direct from their home, or residential flat that they rent for their service or possibly share with other masseuses. 

These apartments are normally located in the safe upmarket areas of the city and most specifically in central or west London. Although as you will see on this guide a masseuse can be found in nearly every corner of the capital. 

You will find the best and most professional lingam massage providers in the city featured on Tantric Goddess London.

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