Experience tantric and nuru massage in Camden

Camden is a cool part of north London

Camden is a great place to try a tantric or other erotic massage session. This area situated in north London is filled with many independent fashion and music shops. As well as bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Many people come here at the weekend to hang out and party with friends.

Being a funky part of town you can also expect to find a selection, even if it’s a small one, of excellent erotic masseuses. 

Camden is located in the north of the city and can be found on many underground lines such as the Northern Line. 

Check out the providers who are based in the part of ton below. 

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How to get here

Camden Town Underground Station can be reached on the Northern line. To find out which public transport to take from your location to Camden, plan your route on the Transport For London website.

Zone 2 / Underground – Northern Line / Postcode NW1

Want a kinky Camden tantric massage?

Camden Town was originally laid out as a residential area, but in the centuries since, it has become a vibrant centre.

It is now associated with alternative culture, with street markets and music venues making the area tick. It is a tourism hub, and a popular entertainment destination.

Come through for a Camden tantric massage and stick around to experience everything that the town has to offer.

A Brief History Of Camden

In 1791, development started in Camden, with the intention to build residential spaces. The Regent’s Canal was built through Camden shortly after.

“Until the mid-1900s, Camden was considered an unfashionable place to live, and few visitors passed through. Then, in 1973, the Camden markets were started, and became instantly popular.”

Camden is now best known for its street markets, and attracts millions of visitors. This century has seen a major increase in entertainment businesses moving into the area.

Famous Landmarks

There are many interesting landmarks to visit in Camden. The Roundhouse Theatre is a former locomotive engine roundhouse that was converted into a theatre.

It is in use today for live theatre and music performances. Camden also has the St Pancras Old Church and the Jewish Museum, among other attractions.

Shops To Visit In Camden

Camden is the perfect place to go shopping. The famous street markets are well worth their reputation. Go with an open mind, rather than looking for anything in particular, and you’ll find things you never knew you needed!

If you’re into vintage clothes, accessories, posters, and music, Stables Market is for you.

Camden Restaurants & Pubs

There’s plenty to eat in Camden. Try the Camden Lock Market for cheap, easy food. Shaka Zulu, a South African restaurant named for the Zulu king, serves excellent food at a reasonable price.

Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany will have you swearing at how good the food is. If you’re looking for something from the East, Gilgamesh has fantastic pan-Asian delicacies.

Camden is full to the brim with classic pubs if you’re looking for a drink. The Hawley Arms is a great place to get started.

The Elephant’s Head will have you rocking and rolling, while The Devonshire Arms is the perfect spot for metalheads, emos, and goths.

Camden Clubs

The nightlife in Camden is some of the best in London. The Roundhouse often hosts huge acts, with Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse just two names who have passed through its doors. Underworld features metal acts, and you can chill out at the Jazz Cafe if you’re into jazz and blues.

Camden also has some great bars and clubs, including Barfly and The Foundry. Hipsters flock to Proud Camden for its quirky setting, and Koko often hosts burlesque.

To put it simply – Camden has many erotic massage girls and is a great place to visit.

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