Slippery nuru massage in London

It's time to slip and slide with a sexy female

A nuru massage in London is the most intimate, fun, and highly erotic experiences you can have. 

Originally coming from the infamous soap land areas of large Japanese cites. This stimulating therapy has gained in popularity across the rest of the planet. The infamous Japanese red-light massage can now be experienced in London.

Scroll down to find out more about this wonderful slippery session and where you can try one in London.

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A list of nuru services to visit in London

London is probably one of the best cities in the universe to experience the pleasures of nuru massage. 

Check out the providers below who we suggest you visit for some sensational slippery adventures.

Updated July 2024

What to expect from a nuru massage

A London nuru massage is usually performed on a blow up mattress. However most of the time it is performed on a slippery plastic sheet which is laid over a bed.  Most sessions will start off with the masseuse inviting you into the shower where she will clean your entire body.

She will clean and wash your most intimate areas. Sharing a shower with a sexy woman will definitely get you in the right frame of mind for what comes next. 

After the shower your erotic masseuse will guide to the bed. Here she will ask you to lay down on your front side. She will then work on massaging your back, legs and buttocks.

Next comes the nuru gel…

What is nuru gel?

The masseuse will apply nuru gel to your body. The nuru gel is an interesting product as it does not smell or taste of anything. It is actually made from a special type of seaweed. This gel contains many nutrients and is very good for your skin. 

Your masseuse or masseur will normally have mixed up the gel prior to your session. This is done by adding water to the gel. Just make sure the masseuse is using natural organic gel and not one that contains lots of additives. Some of the cheaper gels contain additives that can cause irritation to certain skin types.

slippery massage
Then comes the sensual body slides and much more

The masseuse will then proceed to slide up and down your body in various provocative and seductive positions. Because of the slippery nuru gel other moves can be introduced into the session.

One such move is known as the Scissor Straddle. This move is where the masseuse will position her legs under you and massage your testicles using her thighs and legs. 

As you can imagine it feels extremely good. The nuru session will then finish with a happy ending aka a lingam massage or possibly more depending what’s on offer.

Some therapists might include the sukebe chair

If you are not familiar with the sukebe chair it is a specially designed chair that was actually invented in Japan to help patients with anal problems. 

At some point someone (with a kinky mind) obviously saw another use for it. As the the chair is designed perfectly for a testicle massage. The design of the chair gives the masseuse access to massage the testicles from behind.

Not all masseuses or masseurs in London include the sukebe chair as part of their procedure. However, if they do, we advise you to try it, as it feels bloody marvellous. 

Reasons to try a nuru massage in London

Body to body nuru massage is not just the stuff of erotic videos or something you might try while on holiday in Bangkok. It should become a regular thing you do. This session is great for the body and mind, it will relieve you of tension and stress. After the massage you will feel completely recharged.

This therapy has become very popular with massage lovers around the world.  Couples who also like to explore their sexuality and have fun in the bedroom with each other appreciate this massage.

If you talk with most sellers of nuru gel they will tell you that the majority of people who buy the gel from them are couples. This is a fantastic development as the whole therapy really is a great deal of fun. It is certainly something that can spice up any couples sex lives.

If you are in a relationship with an open minded person then we definitely advise you to learn how to give a nuru massage. If you are single then we also advise you to go try one with a professional nuru masseuse in London.

How much does this session cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from £150 to £250 for a nuru massage in London. 

This session is slightly higher than other therapies as the therapist has to include the cost of the nuru gel which is quite expensive.

Further reading/watching:

This video on Youtube by Wet Nuru will give you an insight into what happens during this therapy.