Updated 2020

Best soapy massage providers in London

Start with a shower, finish with a soapy massage

Soapy massage was invented in Japan but has now become very popular in Europe including London. Certain adult tube sites on the internet may have made this treatment well known. However the main reason for its popularity is the fact that soapy massage is fun and relaxing.

A soapy massage in London is usually performed on a blow up plastic mattress, this helps with the slippery sliding that it entails. The masseuse will mix up a large bucket of soapy water and then proceed to cover both yours and her naked body.

She will then follow this by giving you an unbelievably sensual body to body massage. There are many services that provide this is London, you will find the best ones featured below.

soapy massage providers to visit

List updated April 2020

The ultimate bubbly massage

Let a beautiful woman lather your nude body in soapy and bubbles for a truly erotic experience. Soapy massage is the erotic art of washing and massaging every part of the body.But it doesn’t just involve hands, it’s so much more than that.

Your massage therapist will use her entire body to cleanse and massage every crevice of yours with soap suds and warm water. Soapy massage originated in the pleasure rooms and soaplands of Japanese cities of Tokyo.

It’s still quite rare in the UK but you erotic massage connoisseurs of pleasure have demanded it, and with good reason – so we have obliged. This session is full contact, soapy, bubbly and erotic experience designed to pamper and treat your whole body.

What to expect in this session

Designed for your sensual pleasure a soapy massage is enjoyed in a large bath or on a waterproof air bed. Depending on your preferences shower gel, or scented soapy, is applied and then hot water is added as your therapist massages and rubs you squeaky clean.

Soapy massage not only feels exquisite but also adds the element of fun as you slip and writhe around in the bubbles. It can be gentle sensual pleasure, a playful massage or both at the same time – take a soapy massage the way you want it.

Your therapist will use a variety of techniques to massage your body.

She’ll entwine you with her hands, feet and thighs so her buttocks, breasts and every centimetre of her body can rub, slide and massage yours into a soapy heaven.

After your shower gel massage you’ll dry off and relax in that calm, blissful feeling of warmth and release with a scrubbed clean healthy glow and a big smile.