Sexiest Soapy massage services london


Soapy massage was invented in Japan but has now become very popular in Europe including London. 

Certain adult tube sites on the internet may have made this treatment well known. 

However the main reason for its popularity is the fact that soapy massage is fun and very relaxing.

A soapy massage in London is usually performed on a blow up plastic mattress, this helps with the slippery sliding that it entails.

The masseuse will mix up a large bucket of soapy water and then proceed to cover both you and her naked body.

She will then follow this by giving you an unbelievably sensual body to body massage.

There are many services that provide this is London, you will find the best ones featured below.

Last Updated 18 January 2019

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Did you know that this is massage is CLEAN, HEALTHY AND KINKY

There are many attributes to this style of therapy which makes it thoroughly enjoyable. The main one being that this therapy is not meant to be taken too seriously, it is all about relaxing and other fun with a lovely woman.

It also a massage that makes you feel incredibly clean and refreshed afterwards. Unlike an oil based treatment, where the oil can stay on your skin for a long time, soapy massage just uses regular shower gel which the masseuse rubs all over your body with a sponge.

This session will make you feel great but also make you feel clean. It is almost the equivalent of a body scrub which just happens to get incredibly kinky towards the end.

We don't know about you but we think it is always a good idea to start an erotic massage in London with a shared shower or bath. It just feels incredibly relaxing and makes the receiver slowly fall into a feeling of bliss.

The hot water and soap dripping all over your body, the sight of a the gel and bubbles rolling down the smooth skin of a sexy masseuse. If you can think of a better way to spend an afternoon please let us know.


Once the shower is over you will be guided over to the blow up mattress.

This session actually follows the same procedure as a nuru massage. In fact the two sessions are identical, the only difference is the lubricant used, one uses nuru gel while the other uses shower gel.

Many of the positions the masseuse will use include techniques such as body slides, testicle swipes and possibly even scissor straddles. All these positions and methods are used to make the receiver feel very horny.

When the masseuse asks the receiver to turn over she will do the same on your front. 

You will feel her breasts gliding and caressing against your chest, if you are lucky enough and polite enough the masseuse may even let you touch her body which will be covered in soap and bubbles.

The session will finish with a blissful lingam massage that will make you feel completely chilled when over.