Lotus Tantric Massage

Spiritually based genuine tantra

Sartoo is a qualified Tantric massage practitioner and holistic therapist. Tantra and her other spiritual interests contribute to her tantric massage sessions. 

She is a mature lady who has offered Tantric massage for several years.
Her session is an invitation to connect with yourself and let your whole body unwind and open to pleasure. Through relaxation and awakening the body sensations you can
discover a new depth in yourself and your sexuality.

The session includes some talking so that Sartoo can best tailor the session for you and for you to learn a bit more about tantra and how it all works. We also work with deep
breathing to relax and prepare the body for a journey of deepening. The massage itself is gentle and always tailored to the client.

You can include a lingam massage where sexual energy is guided into the body for a deepening of whole body pleasure and aliveness. Or you may opt to surrender to a
gentle prostate massage with her. Her sessions do not include ejaculation. 

The session length is minimum 2hrs.


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I am sorry to find that you felt frustrated with my session. That is quite rare with me, but can happen when the person is expecting something else than what I offer. I normally make an appointment only after talking on the phone with the person. Through this I do my best to give a good idea of how I work and what to expect, as well as ensuring we are a good fit. Part of this is talking about guiding pleasure and sexual energy into the body for a deeper and different experience. I take care to mention that there is no ejaculation in the session. In spite of my very best efforts with this it can occasionally – though quite rarely - happen that someone doesn’t take in or understand what I say. I guess misunderstanding is sometimes just unavoidable in life. I agree it is a very good idea to talk with the therapist beforehand to find out what they offer and make sure it is what you are looking for.
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Had a unique experience with Sartoo. She is very much into the spiritual side of things. She recommends making a 90 minute booking, the first 30 minutes was just talking before the massage started which I was a little bit annoyed with as I just came for a massage and not a session with a psychologist. It did feel great when she massaged my prostate, she is obviously very skilful at this, however she said I was not allowed to ejaculate which again I was left a bit annoyed with. Perhaps I should of done my research better before making a booking but I also feel she should make it clearer on her website exactly what to expect from the session. Despite my negative comments she is skilled at what she does and does seem a nice person, but I would recommend asking lots of questions on the phone before making a booking to find out if this is exactly what you are seeking.

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