Perfect Hand Relief



It is no real surprise to hear this, the big surprise is how many regular sensual massage lovers miss out the experience that a really talented professional masseuse can bring.There is a massive gulf in difference between the lame rub and tug ending and the truly happy ending which will send you into an orgasmic galaxy far far away.

The perfect hand relief massage in London is one where the masseuse will pay intimate attention to this area of the body. She will move into a position under your legs so she is sat in a position to massage and your penis and testicles.

It will be fantastic and when you occasionally gaze up to see a very lovely lady staring into your eyes and she watches in moments of ecstasy it really will be a great turn on.


The masseuse will be trained in the art of massaging the male testicles and will use certain hand manipulation techniques to help achieve the perfect happy relief that the body and mind requires. This is tantric massage at it’s best, and we advise you that if you are seeking this style of erotic massage in London then seek a practitioner who knows what she is doing.

There are plenty of therapists to see in this city, the best ones are listed on Tantric Goddess London, so get searching now and go and enjoy your time off with some super duper hand relief.

Perfect Hand Relief

There is a massive gulf in difference between a lame rub and tug ending and a truly happy ending which will send you into an orgasmic galaxy far far away. 

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Kundalini Massage

You can awaken this stored energy through yoga, meditation as well as massage. There are a few goddesses in London that offer a kundalini massage. 

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Body Rubs

Having a nice lady rub you down with warm sensual oils, while relaxing music plays gently in the background and exotic incense smoke fills the air. 

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Testicle Massage

According the ancient Indian philosophy of tantra and the Chinese philosophy of Qi, the male testicles is where the power of the male is stored. 

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Lesbian Massage

As with most sensual sessions the main focus will drift towards the genitalia, in this case being the female vagina, which is also sometimes called a yoni massage. 

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