Testicle Massage London

Having a testicle massage in London is something that can be a truly worthwhile experience.

When delivered by a practitioner who knows exactly what they are doing this form of genital manipulation can really push the stress out of the body. Knowing the best places to touch, what pressure to apply and for how long is key to be able to build up the sensational feelings this can provide.

According the ancient Indian philosophy of tantra and the Chinese philosophy of Qi, the male testicles is where the power of the male is stored.

Many receivers will aim to have an orgasm without ejaculating so the preserve and build their power, although there are many doctors who claim this is not healthy for the body.

Superb health benefits

However, the overall health benefits of having regular orgasms are plenty such as releasing endorphin's in the brain which can help fight of unwanted germs and keep the immune system strong. There are also the mental aspects, having a nice massage around this part of the body can leave the recipient in a relaxed and calm mood.

There are tons of therapists in London that are extremely good at this massage, nearly all of them are listed on this site. So get searching for the best tantric massage now.

Time is of the essence and your time must be put to good use which includes going to see a lovely tantra goddess.